Your Journey Towards Healing Starts Now


I know you are feeling vulnerable and wonder if anyone can even help you. You’ve been through a lot, surviving everyday by frantic busyness or numbing out. You might even wonder if you are making the whole thing up sometimes. 

You are exhausted, using so much energy to hide what’s really going on- intense emotions that feel unpredictable. You may struggle with food- unable to identify your body’s needs and fulfill it without stress. Self-harm may be another strategy you try to conceal. Your relationships may have started falling apart. And amongst it all, it seems like no one really sees you or understands. 

There’s likely a piece of you that is a little afraid of getting better, of healing and losing the things that have have kept you going. 

You aren’t making it up. 

You aren’t broken. 

You aren’t alone. 

You don’t have to feel this way forever. 

Therapy can help you heal and grow. 

You can feel safe and calm. You can feel and trust your emotions without becoming overwhelmed with them. You can make decisions and trust yourself. You can live in the moment and live your life to the fullest. You can care for your body, moving and eating intuitively. You can stop harming yourself in an attempt to stop the pain. 

You can feel whole again. 

I will never promise it will be easy, but I can promise it will be worth it. 

I can help you heal, so you can emerge from pain to reach your full potential.

I prioritize evidence-based, trauma-informed individualized approach to therapy. This means that as your provider, I ensure that your therapy is based on your specific goals and needs, meeting you precisely where you are. I make sure you know that you are always in charge of your care, offering options and rationale. The techniques I use are evidence based and I like to explain the why behind how we are working. 

I strive for the environment to be calm and soothing.I keep the therapeutic relationship casual yet professional. It is important that you feel safe in session and you feel secure. You will never be judged for anything you share here. Confidentiality is a top priority and I take every precaution to ensure your information is secure.   

My approach is focused on body liberation, equity, and affirming your identity. All humans are welcome here. My expertise and extensive training is focused on trauma and eating disorder work. I am trained in EMDR, sandtray therapy and Trauma-Focused CBT. 

Outside of therapy, you will probably find me in the garden or reading a book. I enjoy growing things, coffee, cuddling with my cat, listening to music and geeking out to multiple fandoms. My affinity for Taylor Swift, Doctor Who, Fall Out Boy and Marvel will likely show up in sessions.

If You’re Ready to….

• Start enjoying life again

• Achieve your goals

• Live authentically

…Then let’s chat!


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About Laura Evans

You’ve been working hard to make changes and create the life you want, but something is standing in the way. Past hurt, trauma, anxiety, addiction, or other self harming behaviors keep getting in the way, creating a wall. You find yourself feeling hopeless and stuck. You wonder if you will ever feel peace and joy, maybe even questioning the meaning behind life at all. You can live a life free from past hurt and self harm, allowing you to live your best and fullest life. You deserve and can meet your goals, while building the life you’ve imagined. Let me help.